This is a portfolio website for the Texture Follows Form research.

The project investigates the architectural relation of the body with the environment in multiple scales. Drawing a parallel with the theme of Form follows Fetish various relations of micro-scale, the human body, the crowd, the macro-scale and the environment are theoretically analysed, and consequently researched dy design in an obsessive manner. Recursive subdivision is manipulated and used as the tectonic, architectural counterpart of cellular subdivision. Using various design studies such as: the “nanosuit”, the “arc(2)imera”, the “infraskin” and more, the research aims to perform a series of zoom-ins and zoom-outs from the cosmologic to the microscopic and vice versa, through which a new archetypic architecture can emerge.

First phase of this research took place during the UCL MArch GAD in 2012 (tutors: Marjan Colletti, Guan Lee, Tea Lim, Pavlos Fereos).

Project was awarded Distinction from UCL (Frederic Migayrou) and the 2012 Bronze prize from external critics comitee (Evan Douglis, Kaas Oosterhuis, Luca Galofaro, & Matias del Campo).


​Research is ongoing, with various new projects, and collaborations.

About Texture follows Form

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